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  1. Well March/April has been a very busy month. Getting ready for the run of Beauty & The Beast at the Hall for Cornwall. Below are some photos of the mask through Make-up and in to the run and some of the character make-ups including Beast, Gaston, Lefou.

    The run at Hall for Cornwall was an amazing week, lots of fun and very tiring.... including 2 shows when I had very little voice so the make-up room went quite but was always a busy hub of people. Well done to all involved!!

    SDC11714      SDC11716    DSC00748

                        Before Make-Up                                                 After Basic Make-up                                  After with Wig, Beard & Costume


    Further Characters

    LEFOU      Gaston       DSC00745

                                    LeFou                                                                          Gaston                                                      Monsieur D'Arque